Injector 2 ™

Vital Injector 2 ™
The only such technologically advanced device for revitalization

Being extremely precise, safe and the fastest, it is significantly more effective than any existing devices (dermal) and methods for the face, scalp, neck, cleavage, hands, abdomen and buttocks (cellulite, adipose tissue) treatment.

It improves:
  • Moisture
  • Smoothness
  • Elasticity
  • Skin tone
  • Thickness
  • Texture
Exceptional Effectiveness Without Anesthesia

Vital Injector 2 enables the application of high viscoelasticity preparations in small doses, cross-linked hyaluronic acid, botox, platelet-rich plasma, etc. This is the only technologically advanced device on the market for vacuum multi-needle application of preparations.
Replaceable and disposable filter. 100% safety and hygiene as a result of the latest technology – reliable and secure treatments.

The multi-needle includes a safety cover – effective protection against infections.
The controlled injection depth adjustable from 0-5mm (with 0.2mm distances) enables precise injections into the subcutaneous tissue and dermis where the most elastin and collagen are found.
The multi-needle vacuum system enables injections at equal distances, each time at the same depth defined, eliminating the loss of the preparation.
The thinnest 31G needles in 5Pin and 9Pin multi-needles guarantee the lowest dose possible.
BACKFLOW BLOCK patented by the manufacturer only for this device prevents the backflow of liquids during injection.
The SPEED function prevents changes in dosage and loss of viscoelasticity of the preparation.
The vacuum system lifts the skin, evens its surface and pulls it away from blood vessels and nerves, without pain or bruising.

Benefits From Vital Injector 2 ™

Compared To Other Devices (Dermal) and Methods


More precise treatment


More effective treatment


Less side effects


Greater Client’s satisfaction
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