In January 2019, Croma Pharma launched the saypha® brand which will gradually replacethe Princess brand.

The reason for this change is the start of Croma’s operations in the USA and subjecting its products to the strictest FDA regulations in the world, as well as a new factory and a production line that allow us to meet the requirements and operate as a pharmaceutical company.

Saypha® is dedicated exclusively to aesthetic medicine doctors, only by representatives of Croma Pharma, while maintaining the highest level of the process control at every stage – production, storage and distribution.

In other words, saypha® is an award-winning syringe known to doctors, containing a product with an effective and safe composition and even higher standards of the technological process and supervision.

Saypha Rich is a product used in mesotherapy of face, neck and cleavage.

Thanks to the latest ART technology (Advanced Rejuvenation Technology), Saypha Rich perfectly combines the moisturizing properties of natural hyaluronic acid and glycerol.

By means of hydrogen bonds, glycerol creates a “protective coat” around hyaluronic acid molecules in the dermis, making the acid “benefit” from the immune, thermal, mechanical and enzymatic properties of glycerol.

It is an effective barrier against the invasion of free radicals. Consequently, hyaluronic acid retains water more easily and effectively, which intensifies the skin moisturizing process.

  • Deep moisture and regeneration of the skin
  • Filling of fine wrinkles such as crow’s feet or wrinkles around the mouth
  • Improvement of skin density
  • 18mg/ml of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid
  • Glycerol concentration – 20mg/ml
Innovative Technology

The company uses an innovative crosslinking technology. As part of this method, hyaluronic acid chains are accurately evened up with each other at a specific processing stage to optimize crosslinking.

BDDE is used in the gel crosslinking process. At this stage, the hyaluronic acid chains are interconnected by bridges, so that they gain greater resistance and thus greater durability.

Croma always uses individually adjusted production lines that are characterized by a high level of automation. The unique control system minimizes human impact, which guarantees high quality, stability and, as a result – safety.

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