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The effect of million springs restores the facial volume.

Women about PROFHILO®:

A worldwide innovation.
Stabilized Hybrid Complexes.
An absolute innovation in aesthetic medicine.

Profhilo® – developed to tone flabby skin of the face, neck and body.
Profhilo® is the youth molecule, which intensively rebuilds the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin structure.
Profhilo® recovers the previous parameters of the skin.

The modification of the HA chain with BDDE was replaced by a unique, non-chemical, thermal cross-linking which enables the structural and reological stability. Profhilo® is not only a filler but also an ultramodern rejuvenating instrument.


PROFHILO ® Youth Molecule
The photographic documentation before the treatment and three months after the second treatment.

3D imaging made with the specialized equipment Vectra H1 Canfield.


A 48-year old patient. The effect of million springs restored the previous face contour. The Profhilo® treatment reduced the saggy skin on the jawline. Most of the wrinkles in the cheeks area and the „crow’s feet” were smoothed. The creases on the jawline disappeared. Profhilo ® restored the appropriate tension of the skin by lifting it on the jawline and partly on the neck. The facial features became more delicate and gentle, which restored the overall youthful appearance.

The photographic documentation before the treatment and one month after the second treatment.

A wonderful lifting effect of the cheeks, nasolabial furrows and marionette lines was obtained. The elasticity, tension and firm structure were restored to the skin and the jawline became more delicate.

The photographic documentation before the treatment and one month after the second treatment.

Due to the PROFHILO® treatment a deep bioremodeling with the immediate effect of skin elasticity, in the cheeks area PROFHILO® restored the lost shape and firmness of the skin. The perfect diffusion of PROFHILO® additionally influenced the smoothing of the marionette lines and the lip area.

(System Photo Finder Dermoskope)

The assessment of the surface micro swelling.
See how one PROFHILO® treatment removes wrinkles and improves the skin quality week by week.

The published material is the clinical research documentation, digitally unaltered.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is Facial Aging?

Facial aging can be usually seen in the lower and middle part of the face. The cheeks and jawline lose the volume and the shape of the face changes. The excessive flabbiness of the skin favors jowls, so-called gravitational effects. It is caused by the skin atrophy. The skin lacks elasticity.

What Methods Have Been Used to Fight Against Aging So Far/What Methods Should Be Used?

Hyaluronic acid has been used in the fight against skin aging for over 20 years. As years of research and experiments have shown, hyaluronic acid is responsible for our skin youthfulness. It is produced in large amounts in the skin of children thus young skin is silky smooth, elastic and resistant to damages. After the age of 50, the production of this valuable component decreases, and after the age of 70, the human body does not produce it any more.

How and How Long Does Hyaluronic Acid Act in Our Skin?

So far, there have been two types of hyaluronic acid: natural and cross-linked. The natural hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin but due to its structure after only 1-2 days from the injection it breaks down in the skin, therefore, frequent treatments are required. The cross-linked hyaluronic acid does not break down in the skin so rapidly, but the process of cross-linking deprived the acid its most important properties, i.e. moisturizing, regulating and informative function for the cells. It became only an implant, which, admittedly, is neutral to the human body but it also does not have any other advantages, therefore, the skin is left aging.

What is PROFHILO®?

Awarded in 2015 by the French AMEC for innovativeness, an absolute novelty in aesthetic medicine. PROFHILO® is an ultramodern instrument to rejuvenate skin. It is composed of Stabilized HA Hybrid Complexes at the highest available concentration in the world – 64mg; L-HA, the action of which results in repair and regenerative processes of the skin, and H-HA – the main component of the skin structure and density of the extracellular matrix (ECM). Due to those molecules, we obtain the filling effect and flexible modeling effect. Bioremodeling PROFHILO® is an innovative concept of rejuvenating treatments, which reduce skin flabbiness. PROFHILO® is a new effective method of rejuvenation.

What Does It Mean That the PROFHILO® Treatment Has No Disadvantages?

PROFHILO® is the latest anti-aging treatment, which fights against flabbiness of the face skin. PROFHILO® features unprecedented maximally cumulated advantages of the selected natural HA at the concentration of 64mg in one dose, and due to the modern generation of cross-linking (a chemical stabilization) – there are no disadvantages of the chemically cross-linked HA.

Is PROFHILO® a Classic Filler or Biorevitalizer?

Neither of the above. PROFHILO® is a complete novelty and was developed to rebuild the skin. Therefore, PROFHILO® is actually neither filler nor biorevitalizer. PROFHILO® is a youth molecule, which reconstructs and restores the lost parameters of the skin.

Can I Obtain the Same Effect with Other Preparations/Treatments?


Profhilo® is a novelty and can not be compared to any other known preparations.

In order to understand this issue we should determine what is actually BIOREMODELING OF TISSUES REDUCING SKIN FLABBINESS and RESTORING THE FACE VOLUME that Profhilo® provides and what is BIOSTIMULATION known as a possibility of skin conditioning. There are various preparations used for biostimulation of the skin, i.e. calcium hydroxyapatite, polylactic acid and others. They “guarantee” an improvement of skin moisturize. However, only PROFHILO® is a highly specialist dermatologic preparation developed to reconstruct and restore the lost skin parameters, which resulted in skin flabbiness and deformation of the facial feature in the cheeks/jawline area. It is based on the main skin component. PROFHILO® proves a new level of the tissue integration and biocompatibility. Only PROFHILO® does not contain any chemical BDDE cross-linking agents, emulsifiers and carboxymethyl cellulose thickeners. PROFHILO®, also called a youth molecule, guarantees a multidimensional skin rejuvenation and removes flabbiness of the skin through the “anti-gravity” effect.

What Are PROFHILO® Stabilized Hybrid Complexes?

It is the youth molecule patented by IBSA Institute Biochimique SA, which stimulates the production of elastin and collagen type I, II, IV, VII. It strengthens and thickens the skin, smoothes wrinkles and thus facial features, and gives the biovolumetric effect.

What Is the PROFHILO® Action In the Skin?

The PROFHILO® youth molecule is slowly released at the site of injection and acts like a million of springs, which restore the lost face volume. PROFHILO® smoothes wrinkles, lifts the skin and immediately restores its elasticity.

What Is PROFHILO® Innovativeness based on? What Is the Difference Between PROFHILO® and Other Preparations?

First, it is an innovative rejuvenating formula, the action of which is based on a rapid restoration of the lost skin parameters. Due to the complete elimination of the chemical cross-linking agents used in fillers (i.e. BDDE, DVS, PEG, formaldehyde) and replacing them with the patented process of THERMAL STABILIZATION (the stability obtained due to heating and cooling of the hybrid complex molecules), the preparation has an extended effect and is completely safe. The elimination of the chemical components provides no risk of allergies, skin irritations, and a potential deposition of the chemical and emulsifying substances in the body, which is one of the most important advantages. Secondly, the patented process of THERMAL STABILIZATION enabled the combination of the selected L-HA and H-HA hyaluronic acid molecules into one youth molecule, which was unavailable until now and resulted in a new hybrid formula, the additional advantage of which is safety and resistance to degradation and migration.

Why Is the Hybrid Better?

The hybrid combination of the selected L-HA molecules at the concentration of 32mg + H-HA 32mg resulted in a safe product at the highest concentration of 64mg in one dose. The hybrid features a new level of integration in the tissue and biocompatibility. Only the hybrid can stimulate a simultaneous, multidimensional and fast process of rejuvenating, which removes the flabbiness of the skin. PROFHILO® is a highly homogeneous and easy-to-inject product, which always guarantees natural effects of the treatment without overcorrection and the necessity of hyaluronidase dissolving. PROFHILO® neither widens the face nor causes the “bloating effect”. Due to the molecular structure, PROFHILO® does not cause bruises and lumps.

What Does It Mean That the Selected L-HA and H-HA Molecules Were Used to Develop PROFHILO®?

The widely available products of other companies contain one type of molecules and are not hybrids. In order to develop Profhilo® the scientists from IBSA Institut Biochimique SA selected only such molecules that have anti-inflammatory, biorevitalizing, regenerating, biostimulating and reconstructing properties, and bind the specific CD44, RHAMM and ICAM-1 receptors, which play a significant role in the skin rejuvenating process. Due to this innovation skin bioremodeling becomes possible – the flabby skin is reconstructed with an immediate effect of elasticity. PROFHILO® nourishes the skin cells for a long time and restores the lost facial volume and firmness of the skin.

What Does It Mean That PROFHILO® Is Injected Using the BAP Technique?

The BAP technique are five specially developed Bio Aesthetic Points of injection on the face, which enable a more complete containment of the aging process. The points were selected by the IBSA scientists with regard to the proper distance from the vein structures and nerve branches in order to minimize the risk of hematomas, bruises, pressure or pain during the injection.
The BAP technique for PROFHILO® injections guarantees a perfect diffusion of the preparation and causes the required reconstructing and slimming effect on the face.

Why Only PROFHILO® Can Be Injected by the BAP Technique?

The BAP technique was developed specially for PROFHILO®. The use of this technique became possible due to the unique structure and reological properties of PROFHILO®. The injection by the BAP technique of any other preparation than PROFHILO® will be therapeutically ineffective.

What Is the Protocol of the PROFHILO® Treatment?/How Many Treatments And When Should Be Made?

For a complex rejuvenation of the skin, two treatments are usually sufficient, every 30 days. In some cases, when the skin condition is bad, an additional treatment is recommended after two months from the last one.

What Are the Visible Effects of PROFHILO®?

PROFILO® affects the overall, multidimensional rejuvenation, but, most importantly, the results of the clinical research prove the statistical indicator of the repair and renewal processes of the skin. Within the first month after the injection of PROFHILO® we can observe a statistically significant increase of the FVLS result (the biorevolumetric effect), and a significant equalization of the micro irregularities of the skin surface (the smoothing effect). Within a month after the second injection of PROFHILO® we can observe a statistically significant decrease of the WSRS result (the anti-wrinkle effect), and a significant reduction of all the Profilometer parameters (the filling effectiveness indicator). A very important indicator is a significant decrease of the Torsiometer parameters, which prove a significant increase of the cheeks firmness (the activity improving the skin density). PROFHILO® shows a statistically significant improvement of the deep hydration of the skin.

How Long Do the Effects of the Treatment Persist?

The visible effects usually persist for about 1-1.5 years.
To strengthen the effects, 1-2 reminding procedures a year are recommended.

PROFHILO® Youth Molecule Stabilized Hybrid Complexes. The new effective method of rejuvenating the skin.

  • Ingredients:
    A unique product on the market. Only the PROFHILO® patented technology guarantees 64mg of HA in one dose.
  • Injection technique:
    For a maximum comfort, the treatment requires injections only at five points.
  • Fast results:
    The results are visible after 2 sessions (within a month). The BAP technique of injecting into the Bio Aesthetic Points enables a more complete containment of the aging process, maximizes the results and reduces discomfort.
  • The procedure is conducted by Dr. Kotuński.
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