Platelet-rich Fibrin – A Natural Way to Rejuvenate the Skin and Reduce Wrinkles

Are you wondering if there is a treatment that will allow you to quickly nourish and rejuvenate your skin? Modern regenerative medicine devotes more and more attention to remedial factors: blood platelets, growth factors and stem cells.

In addition to appearing wrinkles, aging skin often suffers dark spots, loss of firmness and uneven skin tone. In the repair process it is very important to supplement the nutrients like collagen and elastin but above all stem cells that are the key to stimulate skin cells, and thus the skin self-healing process and youthful appearance. One of the ways to smoothen wrinkles is botox, but not everyone is ready to decide on this type of treatment.

The injection of platelet-rich fibrin is the latest discovery in aesthetic medicine that gives the skin a beautiful, young and radiant look.

The platelet-rich fibrin, like the popular platelet-rich plasma (vampire lifting), is obtained from the patient’s blood which is subjected to a special treatment. The difference between the two methods, however, is essential because fibrin is plasma enriched with valuable stem cells. In addition, the slow release of growth factors form platelets during the treatment with platelet-rich fibrin (i-PRF) provides us with much better results than their sudden release which takes place in mesotherapy.

Wrinkle Filling

It is possible due to the formation of a reticulum of fibrin fibers under the skin. The fibrin gently fills the tissues above the reticulum, giving a mild embossing effect. The treatment with the use of platelet-rich fibrin brings many other beneficial effects to the skin:

  • Stronger tissue regeneration
  • Reduction of scars
  • Improvement of the baldness treatment process
  • Strong hydration of the skin

Treatment procedures requiring the use of the patient’s own blood, i.e. autologous material, are one of the safest aesthetic medicine procedures, as the risk of allergic reactions or intolerance is negligible. The treatment is particularly recommended for allergic patients and people who value natural methods that enable regeneration and nourishment of the skin.

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