PDO Threads – Lifting, Deep Revitalisation, Reconstruction of Face and Body Skin

Basic Information

Croma Threads
Princess PDO Absorbable Threads

Simple and Effective Technique of Rejuvenating, Strengthening and Lifting of Skin


Rejuvenation – Neocollagenogenesis
The persistence of the aesthetic result within months after the PDO thread absorption is caused by the type of reaction around the foreign body (caused by the PDO threads), increased collagen proliferation and fibroblast stimulation at the implant site. The foreign body, along with the minimal mechanical trauma (using a needle / cannula), stimulates and increases the metabolism and blood flow in the treated area.

Scaffold – Skin Reinforcement
Threads inserted into tissues are like scaffold which helps to keep the skin in place, in spite of gravity. Hooks help to anchor the threads in the tissues, which maximises the skin reinforcement.

Lifting – Repositioning and Lifting of Tissues
Lifting of tissues is an immediate effect achieved by the mechanical impact of the threads. Therefore, the main impact of PDO threads is physical and is visible immediately after they have been implanted, which results in immobilization of the lifted tissues.

Treatment Areas:
Smoothing forehead wrinkles
Eyebrows Lifting
Smoothing “crow’s feet”
Elimination of “bags” under eyes
Lifting / Volumetry of cheeks
Elimination of dropping cheeks (so-called “hamsters”)
Correction of nose shape
Effects of PDO Threads

The first visible effects of PDO threads can be noticed immediately after the treatment has been completed:

– Lifting and contouring – the effects comparable with those achieved in plastic surgery,
– Smoothing wrinkles – the effects similar to those after the application of botox or fillers,

Rejuvenation and Improvement of Skin Quality

In the following weeks after the procedure, due to the stimulation of skin regeneration mechanisms by PDO threads, the process of its gradual revitalization begins. The rejuvenation of collagen fibers is stimulated and their number is clearly increased. Within two months after the procedure, significant firming and densification of the skin can be noticed. The skin is visibly younger, firmer and taut. The skin improves and the pores shrink.
The revitalization effect lasts for months and is visible even after the complete dissolution of the thread.

Types of Threads
DARVIN Threads

DARVIN Threads are bio-absorbent caprolactone threads of slow degradation. They are like a three-dimensional sponge which constantly stimulates fibroblasts, increasing skin density and lifting it.

Treatment Areas

Face, neck, cleavage, body

  • Reinforcement of skin and lifting of tissues
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Firming and brightening
  • Smoothing wrinkles
  • Slightly more volume
  • Safe and easy alternative for surgical lifting
  • Immediate and long-lasting effects
  • Minimum recovery period
Barb II Anchor Threads with Cannula

An innovative evolution of the subtype II of PDO thread hooks for the final tissue lift which lasts longer than for other threads. Produced by “pressing and cold modelling” – “no excessive heat” keeps the power of threads. Bi-directional spear-shaped hooks allow for the final fixation and tissue lifting effect. An ultra-thin, L-shaped cannula with a special coating allows less friction. It is necessary to use a sterile needle to puncture the skin before applying the cannula.

  • Maximum fixation
  • Maximum tissue lifting
Specific treatment areas
  • Modelling and lifting of the central and lower parts of the face
  • Deep wrinkles improvement
  • Body modelling and lifting
  • Treatments adapted to patients
Safety and quality of PDO threads

PDO threads used in our office are Class 4 medical devices, have the certificate od highest safety issued by KFDA and the CE certificate allowing the use of threads in the European Union. Due to the application of the highest quality polydioxanone (PDO) and restrictive procedures, the same like in the production of medical devices for cardiac surgery, PDO threads meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

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