Basic Information

The American PCA Skin laboratory developed an effective facial detoxifying treatment called Oxygenating Trio. The main indication for the treatment is the fight against free oxygen radicals which arise as a result of oxidative stress and the impact of harmful external factors. During the procedure we stimulate microcirculation in the skin, therefore we obtain significant oxygenation of tissues, the skin looks fresh and regains its glow.

3-step Treatment:
  • Preparation of the skin for an optimized penetration of active ingredients in the subsequent stages of the treatment by the stimulation of microcirculation. The main components are fumaric acid, superoxide dismutase – an enzyme that protects oxygen against the impact of oxygen free radicals.
  • Detoxification of skin cells to reverse the effects of harmful free radicals and external factors. The active ingredients: pumpkin seed oil rich in EFAs and nutrients – Hydrolyzed Candida Saitoana fungus extract strengthening the natural antioxidant processes in the skin – wild cherry bark extract – has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, reduces skin redness, eliminates the impact of free radicals due to the richness of flavonoids and antioxidants.
  • Oxidation and nutrition of skin cells for the regeneration of the hydrolipid layer. Additionally, we supply components with a strong regeneration and oxygenation effect. The active ingredients: – lactic acid – accelerates the process of keratinization of the epidermis and inhibits melanogenesis – salicylic acid – has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect – glycolic acid – exfoliates dead cells of the epidermis and has an anti-seborrheic effect – hydrogen peroxide – oxygenates the cells, prevents the bacterial migration in the skin and protects the skin structures from damage.
Before &After:

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