Lipo Laser

The treatment with the laser lasts about 20 minutes and the results are visible immediately and improve with each subsequent session. However, a single treatment is insufficient. A series of about 8 treatments is recommended. The number of sessions depends on the thickness of the adipose tissue. The best results are obtained with a single treatment twice a week.

How it’s working

The device emits light with a wavelength of 650nm. It is so-called cold laser. The light deeply penetrates the skin layers and is directed at the fat cells, wherein a natural chemical reaction takes place. Triglycerides break into fatty acids and glycerol called metabolites, which then are transferred by the lymphatic system and converted into energy. It affects only the fat cells. It does not damage the neighboring tissues and blood vessels. The device does not also damage the fat cells but only reduces their content and volume significantly and in a controlled way. The results can be compared to the process of drying grapes, which turn into raisins. It is visible after the first treatment – several centimeters are reduced in the treated area.

  • Reduced cellulite
  • Reduced body fat
  • Reshaped body
  • Body fat breakdown
  • Accelerated metabolism
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