Basic information.

Lipolysis treatment involves injecting substances in the selected parts of the body, which break down the fat cells and accelerate their metabolism. The spectacular results can be achieved by the treatment of such body parts: the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and chin. Lipolysis can also be the answer to male gynecomastia.

Who Can Benefit?

Injection lipolysis is a non-surgical procedure involving the permanent removal of fat, which can not be reduced through a diet and exercises. Therefore, lipolysis is used to reduce only locally accumulated fat and for body shaping. Injection lipolysis is one of the best methods of getting rid of cellulite because it does not carry the risk of irregularities in the skin. After the treatment, due to the fat loss the skin adapts to the new shapes and becomes perfectly smooth. Lipomas are benign tumors of the connective tissue in the form of oval and soft lumps under the skin. Lipomas are not dangerous neoplastic changes but they are steadily growing, therefore, they should be removed as soon as possible. One of the treatments for lipomas can be injection lipolysis therapy, which will reduce them and after several treatments they will be completely eliminated.

Effectiveness – Science Above All

A combination of active ingredients to achieve spectacular effects in complete safety. Phosphatidylcholine – phospholipid derived from soy, reduces the body fat. It is a strong lipolytic factor. It passes through the cell membrane and applied in larger quantities, relaxes the membrane structure and as a result the membrane breaks apart. After getting into the cell, it causes the breakdown of triglycerides accumulated inside. It increases the solubility of lipids, which enables their elimination. Sodium deoxycholate has a dual effect in contact with the fat – first, it destroys the cell walls of adipocytes (the fat cells) and then, like a detergent, it emulsifies the content, which leads to the elimination of adipose tissue in the treated area. Tocopherol, known for its lipophilic properties, enables the dissolving of the ingredients in the fat cells.

Lipolysis also:
  • Effectively eliminates the adipose tissue
  • Improves skin firmness
  • Eliminates cellulite
  • Gives permanent results
How Many Treatments Do I Need?

As with most therapies, the number of necessary treatments is determined individually. Our aim are the best results, therefore, it is possible to combine various treatments to meet the needs of each client. For injection lipolysis, at least two treatments are recommended.

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