RF Radio Frequency – the Latest Generation with Tripolarity Technology and the Biostimulating Laser

A hi-tech treatment in aesthetic medicine, which quickly and effectively improves your appearance – RADIO FREQUENCY (RF). Its scope is very wide, but in short, we can say that it enables the lift of the face, neck and décolletage without the scalpel, not only eliminating the effects of aging but also acting preventively by increasing the density and resistance of the skin. The use of RF also contributes to the reduction of excess body fat, cellulite and helps body shaping.

On the market, there are many types of systems using radio frequency in the struggle for a beautiful appearance but without a doubt, one of the most effective and based on the latest technologies is the Tri-Polarity system with the biostimulating laser.

Who Can Benefit?

The treatments are especially recommended for those who want to keep their youthfulness longer as well as those who expect an intensive care of flabby and wrinkled skin. The system also guarantees excellent results in reducing cellulite and fat.

Effectiveness – Science Above All

Currently on the market, there are three generations of devices based on the technology that uses radio frequency:
The first generation is Mono-Polar, in which one electrode delivers the RF energy, and the second electrode is passive. Current flows through a large area of the body, which does not make this technology effective because the energy is not focused on the place that we would like to correct.
The second generation is Bi-Polar. Both electrodes deliver the RF energy, but this time it is focused on the treated area only.
Third generation is Tri-Polar – three electrodes, through which current flows and the focused energy is delivered. The inventive arrangement of three electrodes in the head of the device increases both efficiency and safety. The waves flow only through the treated surface. In addition, Tri-polar heats both the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Its effect is based on heating the layers of the skin by currents of radio frequency of about 500kHz (0,5MHz). When the skin temperature rises by 10 °C, the temperature of the fat cells rises by 33 °C. This technology uses the difference in resistance of the fat cells, which put three times more resistance than the skin cells.
How is the fat reduced?
Selective heating of the fat cells leads to their increased metabolism and a secretion of liquid fat in the form of fatty acids. This fat moves to the intercellular space, enters the bloodstream and lymphatic system, and then is digested and excreted from the body.

What Is the Process Of Firming the Skin?

The skin is composed of the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer. The collagen in the skin is responsible for its elasticity but with age, it is degenerated. There appear wrinkles, skin flabbiness and the production of collagen in fibroblasts decreases. Heating the skin causes a contraction of existing collagen fibers and an increased metabolism of fibroblasts, which leads to the production of new collagen, and thus the firmness of the skin.

RF Treatments

The Tri-Polar device is the most modern radio frequency system for a wide range of treatments: lifting and smoothing of the skin, fat reduction, cellulite elimination and body shaping. Besides, they relieve swelling, reduce fat pads under the eyes, eliminate dark circles, fine wrinkles and sagging cheeks, chin and neck. Due to the unique abilities of these devices, during a single treatment you can get excellent results, often compared to the liposuction results.

The Tri-Polar system affects the selected area, not the whole body, as the Mono-Polar system. The advantage is a better than ever control of the depth, in which the waves penetrate the skin: the outer layer (dermis) and subcutaneous (hypodermis) – up to 20 mm. The wave beam is cumulative, therefore, the results can be seen immediately. The precise assessment of the RF dose guarantees a painless procedure without the need for additional cooling. It also reduces the number of contraindications.

The treatments can be made on the face, arms, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, knees, chest, back and the neck.

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