Hair Filler

The world’s first peptide hair therapy.

Spectacular effects after two months!

Only four sessions every two weeks!

Dr. Cyj Hair Filler It is an innovative product, effective in the fight against hair loss. The works on the preparation lasted for over 10 years – crowned with a new-patented formula of 7 peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Dr. Cyj Hair Filler innovation is not only the composition itself, but also a new technology of SUSTAINED RELEASE OF ACTIVE SUBSTANCES – “Sustained Release Technology”, patented by Caregen, which works even 14 days after the application. It is a breakthrough in terms of providing the active substances – a minimum dose of the concentrated product remains in the skin for another two weeks after the treatment, causing a slow and sustained release and penetration of the active ingredients.

Hair Filler Treatment Benefits:
  • Optimum quantity of the concentrated product (1 ml) with the patented sustained release of active ingredients
  • Ready-to-use syringe
  • Soft formula – easy application
  • Treatment of low-pain degree
  • Short time of the treatment – the highly concentrated peptide preparation
Active Ingredients:
  • Hyaluronic acid (0.7%)
  • Biomimetic peptides:

Dekapeptyd-10; Oktapeptyd-11; Oktapeptyd-2

  • Stimulation of angiogenesis within the hair follicle
  • Inhibition of apoptosis
  • Stimulation of hair growth

Dekapeptyd-18; Dekapeptyd-28

  • Activation of hair growth by the Wnt proteins
  • Stimulation of stem cells
  • Proliferation of keratinocytes


  • Inhibition of the DHT effect causing hair loss
  • Hair loss stoppage


  • Restoration of hair pigmentation
  • Formation of new hair
Before & After:

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